From the UAE to Mumbai by Train: Reduced Travel Time, New Horizons


The India-UAE undersea water train project is once again making headlines. It’s expected to be the world’s largest and most advanced engineering marvel, connecting the Emirati city of Fujairah to Mumbai through an underwater train route. The project’s first discussions took place during the 2018 India-UAE conclave held in Abu Dhabi.

Covering a distance of 2,000 kilometers, this rail route aims to boost trade between India and the UAE. However, several factors need consideration, and the project might face delays, according to Abdul Alshehi, the National Advisor Bureau Limited Managing Director and Chief Consultant.

The Mumbai-Fujairah project is expected to greatly benefit travelers, as it will offer a direct rail route between Mumbai and the UAE. Travel time to Dubai is likely to decrease, making it more accessible for passengers arriving in Mumbai. The National Advisor Bureau Limited is soon expected to release a feasibility report to assess the project’s viability.

The train journey between Dubai and Mumbai is estimated to take just over three hours. However, this is subject to changes depending on the administrative procedures at the airports preceding the train ride. Once the underwater train is operational, it will take just two hours to travel between the two cities.

This project, besides significantly reducing distance, will provide breathtaking views, with large windows making the most of the beautiful marine scenes. It’s expected that sophisticated technology will be employed to give passengers an unparalleled experience.

Beyond the distance factor, the rail connection is crucial in enhancing India’s bilateral trade with the UAE, allowing for easier movement of goods between the two countries. While it’s still in its planning phase, the Dubai-India underwater train project holds great promise.

The length of the train route between the two cities is 2,000 kilometers, but it’s worth noting that the waterway’s width is minimal, measuring just 50 kilometers. The train’s speed will be 600 miles per hour (1,000 kilometers per hour), allowing for a quick journey.

From the UAE to Mumbai by Train

The underwater train project not only reduces the distance but also promises a significant increase in trade between India and the UAE. While the Channel Tunnel that connects England and France traverses an underwater route, it’s only 50 kilometers long. In contrast, the Al-Fujairah to Mumbai route boasts the longest underwater stretch, making it the most advanced underwater railway in the world.

The route offers not only a reduction in distance but also a considerable increase in speed, especially when compared to the Mumbai-Dubai route. It will facilitate trade not only between India and the UAE but also with other GCC countries.

As the project advances, it is expected that the two countries will benefit economically, making it an exciting development in the world of transportation. While the government has not made an official statement regarding this project, it’s clear that the potential benefits are substantial.

Overall, the India-UAE underwater train project is a significant infrastructure development that promises to revolutionize travel and trade between these two nations, offering convenience, efficiency, and breathtaking views along the way.

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