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How to Remove Absconding or Ban in UAE?

If you find yourself in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with an absconding status or facing a ban, it can be a daunting and challenging situation. Whether you’re an expatriate or a foreign worker, absconding and bans can severely impact your ability to live and work in the UAE. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of absconding, the different types of bans, and most importantly, how to remove them, so you can regain your life in the UAE.

Understanding Absconding in the UAE

What is absconding?

Absconding refers to the act of an employee leaving their job without notifying their employer and without a valid reason. It is considered a breach of the employment contract and can lead to serious consequences.

Causes of absconding

Absconding may occur due to various reasons, such as job dissatisfaction, non-payment of wages, workplace disputes, or personal issues. Understanding the root cause is crucial for resolving the situation.

Consequences of absconding

Absconding can result in several repercussions, including a ban on future employment in the UAE, legal consequences, and damage to your professional reputation.

Types of Bans in the UAE

In the UAE, there are different types of bans that can affect your ability to live and work in the country.

Labor ban

A labor ban can be imposed if you terminate your employment contract before its expiry. It can prevent you from working for a different employer in the UAE for a specific period.

Immigration ban

An immigration ban may be placed if you overstay your visa. This can lead to deportation and can be accompanied by fines.

Absconding ban

Absconding bans are imposed when an employee leaves their job without notice. Removing this ban is the primary focus of this article.

Removing Absconding Ban

Removing an absconding ban requires a systematic approach and understanding of the legal processes involved.

Consult with a legal expert to guide you through the steps needed to lift the absconding ban. They can help you understand your rights and obligations.

Employer communication

In some cases, communication with your previous employer can resolve the issue amicably, provided both parties are willing to cooperate.

Settlement options

Negotiating a settlement with your previous employer can help lift the ban. It may involve compensation or mutual agreement to cancel the ban.

The Role of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE)

The MOHRE plays a vital role in regulating labor matters in the UAE and can assist in resolving absconding-related disputes.

Reporting absconding

If you believe your employer wrongfully accused you of absconding, you can file a complaint with the MOHRE for investigation.

Resolving disputes

The MOHRE can mediate between you and your employer to find an amicable solution to the absconding issue.

Immigration Ban and Its Removal

Overstaying and its consequences

Overstaying your visa is a common reason for immigration bans. To remove this ban, pay any outstanding fines and consider applying for a new visa.

Clearing overstay fines

Address any overstay fines promptly to avoid further complications with immigration authorities.

Labor Ban and How to Lift It

Probationary periods

If you serve a probationary period with a new employer, this can sometimes exempt you from a labor ban.

Skill levels and qualification

Higher skill levels and qualifications can reduce the chances of a labor ban.

In some cases, obtaining your previous employer’s consent can help lift the labor ban.

Hiring a legal expert who specializes in labor and immigration laws can be a wise choice when dealing with bans and absconding issues.

Understanding your rights

A legal expert can help you understand your rights and the legal procedures involved in ban removal.

Alternatives to Removal

If ban removal proves challenging, consider exploring alternatives.

Exploring new job opportunities

Look for new job opportunities or even consider a change in career paths that might not be affected by a ban.

Entrepreneurship in the UAE

Starting your own business in the UAE is a viable option for some, as it doesn’t involve working for an existing employer.

Ensuring that your contracts and agreements are legally sound is essential to avoid future absconding or ban issues.

Contracts and agreements

Always have clear, legally binding contracts and agreements in place to protect your rights.

Visa status

Keep your visa status in check and renew it as needed to avoid overstaying.

Common Misconceptions

Rumors vs. facts

Don’t fall victim to rumors and myths. Seek accurate information and legal advice to make informed decisions regarding your ban situation.


Dealing with absconding or a ban in the UAE can be challenging, but it’s not insurmountable. With the right guidance, legal assistance, and perseverance, you can navigate the complexities and regain your status in the UAE.


1. How long does an absconding ban last in the UAE?

Absconding bans in the UAE can last for six months to one year.

2. Can I appeal an immigration ban in the UAE?

You can appeal an immigration ban by paying outstanding fines and resolving visa issues.

3. Are all labor bans in the UAE permanent?

No, not all labor bans in the UAE are permanent. Some can be lifted through mutual consent, skills, or qualifications.

4. Is it possible to work in the UAE after a ban is lifted?

Yes, once a ban is lifted, you can seek new employment in the UAE.

5. Can I remove an absconding ban without legal assistance?

It’s possible but can be challenging. Legal assistance is often recommended

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