Third Officer / Junior Officer

    • Full Time
    • Dubai


    He is responsible for the safety of all personnel working for him.
    He is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all deck portable firefighting equipment and lifesaving appliances.
    He is responsible to the Master for the completion of records of on -board training.
    Where required shall act as nominated officer for the GMDSS station with responsibility for associated tests and records.
    He is responsible for the upkeep of the Recreational and Technical library.
    The Third Officer must carry out any lawful command and delegated duty as issued by the Master.
    A Junior Officer is an ex-cadet recently qualified as a Third Officer who may complete a probationary contract prior to full unsupervised OOW duties.

    Accountabilities – 2
    Accountabilities – 3
    Bridge Teamwork
    Cargo Planning
    Chart Corrections
    Communications with other nationalities
    Diversity Awareness
    Emergency procedures
    Experience in environmental protection and use of anti-pollution equipment.
    Experience of managing crew members
    Experience of transiting high density traffic areas
    Experience with multinational crews
    Experience with Products Crude and LNG Cargo
    Experience with role of Shipboard Safety Officer
    Experience with Tankers of all sizes
    GMDSS Operation
    Hazards associated with cargoes.
    IT experience
    Maintenance of bridge equipment
    Maintenance of LSA and FFA equipment.
    Nautical Publications
    Operational experience of various types of lifeboat
    Other types of ship’s
    Passage Planning, Rule of the Road
    Personal safety, Ship safety & protection of the environment.
    Preparations prior to commencement of Operations
    Previous Oil major experience
    PSC, SIRE, ISM, ISPS and other industry inspections.
    PTW systems, ISM requirements, Risk assessment
    Refit Experience
    Role of the Master
    SMS management and implementation, PPE requirements
    Support of Chief Officer
    Written and spoken English to high standard.

    Class 3

    Key Result Areas:
    Interactions and Working Relations
    Financial Authorities
    Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills

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