Supervisor – Logistics

    • Full Time
    • Dubai

    DP World

    Ensure optimal utilization of all resources – space, equipment and personnel operations and resource allocation.
    Estimate expected traffic load and determine resource availability; Review all pending operations and compare them with outstanding work report. Plan the total number of men and machines required and co-ordinate with the superintendent for preparation of the daily work schedule.
    Coordinate with foreman to ensure smooth operation and maximum productivity of operators, clerks, drivers and labours.
    Monitor yard and shed utilization; Ensure appropriate allocation of equipment’s for operations.
    Receive communication about completion of operations from foreman and plan work schedules for the next shift; Ensure maintenance of equipment; Establish proper cargo stacks and witness cargo surveys when required.
    Monitor and analyze the following factors on a regular basis -: yard and gate utilization, logistics inventory and dwell time, stacking strategies, switcher turnaround time, yard equipment utilization, Average yard equipment Moves to TEU ratio, Stuffing and unstuffing time, Customer service time, Extent of workload across different activities – Delivery of LCL, Stuffing of FCL imports, Cross stuffing, etc.
    Co-ordinate with customs for inspection and managing exceptional cargo; Monitor workload status. Ascertain additional gang requirement for the next shift and inform the superintendent.
    Ensure cargo weight is accurately ascertained for stuffing and unstuffing purposes.
    Co-ordinate with Foreman to manage operations for exceptional cases like-: Leakage – Terminal personnel inform Health & Safety. Health & Safety coordinates with the agent or the customer. The container is shifted to the leakage area under the supervision of the logistics operations supervisor. If the leakage is found to be insignificant, then only sawdust and sand can be used
    In case of fire catching cargo – e.g. lighters, ensure that operations are managed under the supervision of Fire Fighting personnel.
    Facilitate unstuffing of overweight cargo, based on instructions from Container Terminal personnel.

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