IT Technical Support Team Leader

    • Full Time
    • Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

    Key Accountabilities of the role:
    Leadership and Team Management (20%):
    Supervise, coach, and cultivate a team of technical support analysts.
    Set and assess performance goals, providing constructive feedback.
    Foster a collaborative environment that promotes continuous improvement.
    Define SMART goals and KPIs for the team’s success.
    Drive strategies for new services and process enhancements.
    Perform performance appraisals and guide the team with support tools.
    Manage workload distribution and ensure quality control.

    Exceptional Customer Experience (20%):
    Ensure top-tier support experiences and address escalated concerns with professionalism.
    Uphold consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.
    Collaborate proactively with other teams to enhance user experience.

    Process Excellence and Data-Driven Insights (15%):
    Continuously assess and optimize technical support processes.
    Implement best practices and streamline support workflows.
    Analyze support data, identifying trends and training needs.
    Generate insightful KPI reports for senior management.

    Professional Development and IT Desktop Support (10%):
    Identify training requirements and organize relevant sessions.
    Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies.
    Provide prompt IT desktop support, guidance, and effective problem resolution.
    Lead the operations of distributed UAE IT Workshops (AD, DXB, Alain, Sharjah, and North Emirates)
    Manage IT Support services for all ADIB internal staff and international branches (IRAQ UK, Sudan, and Qatar)
    Contribute to second-line support and ensure system stability.
    Lead on-site support visits and drive seamless cross-functional coordination.

    Problem Management and Resolution (10%):
    Proactively monitor IT systems for irregularities and known issues.
    Collaborate on issue resolution to minimize downtime.

    Project Excellence (5%):
    Strategize and execute strategic projects within the realm of IT support.
    Assign and oversee project tasks to meet schedules and deliverables.

    Information Security Assurance (10%):
    Uphold stringent information security standards, managing risks.
    Collaborate closely with IT Security to mitigate potential threats.

    Documentation and Process Ownership (10%):
    Ensure accuracy and currency of working documents and process documentation.
    Collaborate effectively with other document owners to enhance shared processes.
    Maintain acceptable audit rating for the year and carry out necessary steps to mitigate risk elements that may have negative impact on ITD and ADIB.

    Specialist Skills / Technical Knowledge, Technical Competencies Required for this role:
    Strong Supervisory Skills
    Exceptional Customer Service Aptitude
    Profound Problem-Solving Capability
    Expert Troubleshooting Skills
    Effective Team Leadership
    Meticulous Attention to Detail
    Self-Audit Proficiency
    Persuasive Influencing Ability
    Delegation Mastery

    Previous experience:
    Minimum of 6 years’ experience, including 4 years in a similar position, preferably within the Banking Sector.

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