Head Cashier

    • Full Time
    • Dubai


    Job Location: Dubai
    Salary: AED 5001-7000
    Experience: 1 – 2 Years
    Job Type: Full Time
    Gender: Any

    Financial Management:
    Cash Handling: Supervising the handling of cash, credit/debit card transactions, and any other forms of payment within the establishment.
    Accounting and Record-Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of financial transactions, reconciling cash drawers, and ensuring that all transactions are properly documented.

    Float Management:
    Managing the cash float, ensuring adequate change is available, and performing regular audits to maintain the integrity of cash registers.

    ·Guest Service:
    Assisting guest:
    Handling customer inquiries, resolving complaints, and ensuring a high level of customer service at the cashiering point.

    Point of Sale (POS) Operations:
    Overseeing the proper functioning of POS systems, ensuring they are updated, and troubleshooting any technical issues that arise.

    ·Compliance and Security:
    Compliance Adherence:
    Ensuring compliance with all financial regulations, including tax requirements, and following company policies and procedures related to cash handling.

    Security Measures:
    Implementing security measures to safeguard against theft or fraud, such as regularly auditing cash registers and maintaining a secure environment.

    Reporting and Documentation:
    Generating reports related to sales, transactions, cash discrepancies on a daily basis and every event and other financial metrics as required by management.

    Collaborating with other departments, such as finance, to communicate and address any financial discrepancies or issues.

    ·Inventory Control:
    Cash Reconciliation: Reconciling daily cash transactions with sales and ensuring accuracy in monetary counts.

    Stock Monitoring: Collaborating with inventory or procurement departments to maintain an appropriate level of change funds and supplies required for cashier operations.

    At least 1-2 years of Cashier experience.
    Demonstrates excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
    Possesses ability to converse with guest and ensure she/ he have a positive check-out experience.
    Is comfortable handling and counting money.
    Exhibits ability to properly use a cash register.
    Maintains friendly and welcoming demeanor.
    Demonstrates strong leadership skills.

    Contact #: 0562854957

    To apply for this job email your details to hr.mariabaig@gmail.com

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