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Dubai International Airport Jobs Opportunities 2020: Dubai, the city of praise and excellence with world’s most spectacular facilities and luxurious culture is one of the most sought after destinations by millions of people. Every year, people visit Dubai to enjoy the world-class comforts and a very rich experience of the city. The Dubai International Airport is a haven for people visiting Dubai. The airport is also popularly known as OMDB airport or DXB operated by Dubai Airports Company and owned by Government of Dubai.

Since its beginning in 1960 at Al-Garhoud district, the Dubai International Airport connects 6 continents with 240 and more destinations. Around more than 100 airlines operate in the Dubai International Airport carrying around 88 million passengers per year. This makes Dubai International Airport the fastest growing aerodrome in the world. Similarly, the airport is also the sixth-busiest cargo airport and fifth busiest in passenger traffic in the world.

There are 3 terminals and 4 concourses in the airport. Terminal no: 3 in the Dubai International Airport (OMDB or DXB), is the largest airport terminal in the world. Likewise, the Dubai Metro connects terminals 1 and 3 for easier transport. Other modes of transport services in the DXB airport are Uber cabs, SkyBus(bus service) and taxi.

Services and facilities in the Dubai International Airport are unique in luxury and comfort. There are plenty of Food and Beverage outlets (continental cuisines, restaurant and cafe chains), comfortable Lounges, high speed WiFi network, Duty-free shopping, an international hotel on terminal 3, peaceful Zen garden and Spas.

(DXB) Dubai International Airport Careers

Dubai International Airport is also a hub for exciting and wonderful career opportunities for job seekers. Airport Management, Ground and Staff crew, Flight and Cabin crew, Cargo and Catering departments require plenty of professionals who are willing to work in international work standards and cultural diversity. Apply soon and Wish you all the best for a good take-off in your career!!!.

Dubai International Airport Jobs and careers 2020

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